SomaSound Therapy

Mindfulness Meditation, Reiki Energy and Sound Healing in San Jose, CA

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Soma Sound Therapy

Soma Sound Vibrational Healing by Aeriol Ascher

A gentle and relaxing Vibrational Sound Healing Session. Therapeutic bowls, designed specifically for their vibrational qualities are placed directly on the body and activated with reiki  to produce a relaxing and hypnotic effect for physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

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Energy Healing

Aeriol Ascher is a Metaphysical Teacher and Master Reiki Practitioner

Hands on Energy Healing Session. Aeriol synthesizes Reiki and other energy healing modalities to assist the client to connect with their healing guides, clear energetic blocks and align the chakra system.

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Aeriol's award winning "Reiki Angel Massage" just got even better! Combining the best of Swedish Style Massage, Reiki Energy and Doterra Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils targeted to the clients needs.


Personal Healing Retreat in San Jose, CA


Feeling burned out? The Personal Healing Retreat is a ½ day self-care experience designed to help you become centered. Through the power of meditation, sound healing, oracle reading, and integrated bodywork, you'll discover a renewed excitement for life and return to your responsibilities feeling refreshed and balanced. 

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Intuitive Readings with Aeriol

Intuitive Oracle Readings with Aeriol

Consult the Oracle for Soul Purpose, Spiritual Direction or Navigation of Daily Life and Relationships. Aeriol uses Tarot and Angel Oracle Decks to help you find your way and stay the course.

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Distance Healing & Virtual Readings


Work with Aeriol Via Zoom. Aeriol will do an oracle reading or do a distant reiki healing to balance the chakra system,  identify and clear spiritual and energetic blocks, karma and contracts from this lifetime and others across space and time.